News about Reordering at St. Botolph’s

May 2020

On 20 January 2020 a Faculty for the reordering work, varied in accordance with our wishes to make more efficient use of the space available within the church and reduce the amount to be spent on the organ, was issued by the Diocesan Registrar.

12 years have passed since Canon Stephen Evans presented his ‘Building Vision’ to the congregation in April 2008. There have been many communications and several presentations to the congregation in those intervening years but we are conscious that many people are unaware of the final proposals and the reasoning behind them. We are therefore planning a detailed presentation and display of those proposals together with an open day. The congregation and our local community will be given more information about this once the present lockdown situation has passed and dates can be arranged.

Reordering at St. Botolph’s means improving the flooring and reorganising the furnishings and fittings within the church with the following objectives:-

  • To achieve our needs for Worship and Mission which were identified in the Statement of Needs adopted by the PCC on 26th May 2015.
  • To make the church more central to and available for local activities.
  • To provide a facility for the local community by way of a more functional space for the future.

This is explained as follows:-


  • Removal of the screen and retaining 5 bays which will be relocated on the North wall of the Cloister. The beam to the centre section of the screen will be adapted and hung at a higher level supporting the rood figures, making the East window more visible.
  • Removal of the Choir stalls and platforms .
  • Removal of the high altar and dais, retaining the Victorian tiled section. The stone altar top to be relaid in the floor indicating the previous position of the altar.
  • Provision of a new moveable altar which can be positioned at the East end, more centrally in the Chancel or within the Nave.
  • Lowering of the centre section of the Reredos to expose more of the lower section of the East window.
  • Repositioning of the altar rails eastwards to their original position.
  • Construction of a new stone floor.
  • esk, Prie Dieu and furniture.


  • Removal of the Pulpit, pews and pew platforms.
  • Retention of the dado panelling.
  • Retention of the Lady Chapel altar, and the Eagle Lectern.
  • Provision of a new Ambo.
  • Repositioning the Font to the South West corner.
  • Construction of a new stone floor.
  • New comfortable chairs and pew benches (all moveable).
  • Replacement of the South door into the Cloister with a glazed door.


  • Fitting an additional notice board.
  • Fixing 2 pews removed from the Nave, one each side of the porch.


Prior to the start of the works the organ will be removed and returned to the organ builder for a complete overhaul, refurbishment and update incorporating some improvements. On completion of the reordering works the organ will be positioned in the North West corner. The moveable organ console will remain in a similar position to existing (central to the West window).


  • Installation of a new heating system with a new boiler positioned on the mezzanine storage area in the Vestry. Removal of the two boilers in the Kitchen.
  • New electric power and audio vision installations.
  • Repositioning of the sound system console with a new desk adjacent to the light switching at the West end.
  • Retention of all memorials.
  • Redecoration throughout.


  • Continuation of the work of the Fabric and Reordering Committee.
  • Planning the presentation, display and open day in conjunction with the Communications Committee.
  • A quantity surveyor has been appointed to prepare a budget cost on which we can base our fundraising need.
  • The budget cost will also be used in any applications for grant aid where that might be available.
  • Appointment of a professional adviser on fundraising.
  • Once fundraising has reached an advanced stage, instructing our Architect to invite tenders for the work.
  • Decide on a policy for disposal of the furnishings and fittings removed, giving members of the congregation an opportunity to purchase items, but enabling the church to maximise the revenue achieved.
  • Finalise the initial seating requirements being a combination of individual seats, 3 seater pew benches, and how many will be fitted with arms.
  • Arranging temporary accommodation for church services during the works.
  • Appointing a contractor to undertake and manage the works.
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