All in Together Picture

3rd Sunday Service - 'All in Together'

Since autumn 2014, we have worshipped together on third Sundays as a whole Church family, with children, young people and adults ‘all in together’. People of all ages have participated in the various ‘lay’ aspects of the service, from readings and intercessions to welcoming and serving refreshments. I think it is still very much a learning process, and it is never easy to get the balance right, so that there really is nourishment and good quality worship for everyone.

We follow our usual service books, as we want to encourage our children to become familiar with and to engage with the liturgy. We now have a few copies of the book ‘Sing, Pray, Worship’ which contain the main sections of the service, and which parents can use to help and support younger children. Lively and interactive opening of the Word during the address seems to have gone down well with the majority of the congregation, and it is lovely to see adults and children all being thoughtful and contributing to this. Bringing a small Communion table forward for the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer, and encouraging those who would like to do so to use the Chancel pews, has made it possible for all ages to experience the preparation of the Lord’s Table closer at hand.


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